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We are a team of Chinese teachers from China. We offer 1 on 1 learning. Or if you choose, learn with a friend.

Learn Chinese online via Skype

When you learn a language outside of the country it is spoken, it can be difficult to find opportunities to practice using what you have learned. Often students study, study, study... but they don't speak enough. Fluency, however, only improves if you speak, speak, speak!

We connect you to one of our local teachers from China. The classes are conducted online, through Skype, so that you can attend your classes from any location. All you need is an internet connection, a free Skype account, and a headset.

Our classes can be whatever you wish. We have many lessons already prepared to help get you on your way to learning English. Some categories we teach are:

    If you work best with a class that is organized and focuses on achieving one or two objectives, then this is for you! You can choose one of our prepared lesson topics or you can request a custom topic. The class can focus on grammar, pronunciation and intonation, vocabulary and expressions, or character recognition.

    Perhaps you already study on your own and you just want to use the classes to practice conversationally what you have already learned. Or, you may just want to improve your fluency and listening skills. If so, you can opt to just 'talk'. You can request a specific topic of discussion or just wing-it and let the conversation naturally unfold. This is a great way to improve your conversation skills and to discover any gaps you may have in your vocabulary.

    Do you have an upcoming talk or presentation and want some feedback? We can help you with what you have prepared and offer suggestions on grammar, word choices, pronunciation, or intonation.

    Interested in taking the Chinese Proficiency Test (HSK)? Let us help you prepare. We can offer writing suggestions. Help you build up your vocabulary. Practice your comprehension ability. And much more!
    Why take the HSK test? Many take the test simply to use as a structure for learning Chinese. Others take the test as it is needed by most Chinese Universities to enter their programs. For some, it is also needed for work, especially translation work in China. To find out more visit www.chinesetest.cn

Choose one or mix and match as your needs change. You choose the style you prefer!

Online Learning

Our Virtual Classroom

Our classroom is completely virtual and using common technology we bring you simple Chinese lessons to the most convenient place for you. Utilizing a fantastic Internet Tool most already have, our classroom is done entirely through Skype. It's free to download and it's free to use when a Skype user calls another Skype user.

In a traditional classroom it's important to be able to speak, hear, and see. We can do all of this using Skype.

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* You can click the bottom right corner of this video to make it larger, please click "settings" and make sure your video quality is "480p" or higher when viewing the large version.

Speaking and Hearing

Skype works like a telephone, but one that transmits over the internet. Sound quality is important for teaching a language, thus our teachers use a headset to ensure the best sound quality for you. We don't require our students to use a headset, however, we can't guarantee a good experience without one.


A webcam can be used in the class so that you can see your teacher and they can see you. However, a webcam will only be used if you request it and if the internet bandwidth allows it.

* Of course, for any sign language classes the use of the webcam is necessary.

"The Board"

What classroom is not complete without a board the teacher can share notes with. Through Skype, our teachers can share their desktop so that you will be able to see everything on their computer in real time. You will be able to see the same presentation, articles, or any other material you discuss together, including any notes of new vocabulary or corrections the teacher writes during the class.

After the Class

Within 24 hours after your class your teacher will send you a quick email that will include the class notes and some feedback and suggestions on your performance. And if you request some additional homework to keep you learning!

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We teach a 50 minute lesson

$15 USD for 1 lesson

Or buy a package of lessons

$72 USD for 5 lessons

$140 USD for 10 lessons

* Save more by learning with a friend.

Payment Options


Our classes start at the beginning of the hour or on the half hour. Each class is booked in 50 minute increments. Additional classes can be booked back to back for a longer class. For example, if you book one class that begins at 6:30pm, it would finish at 7:20pm. Or, if you book a double class that begins at 8:00pm, it would finish at 9:50pm with a 10 minute break in between.

Cancellation Policy

If a class is canceled by the student 24 hours or more in advanced, the class can be rescheduled for another time. However, if the class is canceled by the student with less than 24 hours before the start of class, the class fee is forfeited.

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  • * please give us a few different choices of dates and times (at least 2 days from today). A teacher will contact you as soon as possible and confirm a final time. †Then you can pay for your lesson and start learning! †Thanks.†

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What Students Think...

Great Classes!

I really appreciate the transcript of the lesson emailed to you for review and practice, also the "lesson style" options allow for you to work with the tutor to find Your most  beneficial style of learning.



The tutors are very patient, and the lessons are tailored for your individual learning speed. I look forward to my lesson each week!


Faster Learning!

I've enjoyed learning Chinese here. I've picked up vocabulary much more quickly through our one-on-one lessons and have enjoyed learning more about Chinese culture along the way.