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Why Learn Chinese

Why Learn Chinese?

China is the most populous nation in the world, making it the most widely spoken first language. Compared to other languages, the language structure can be quite easy to grasp. However, tones and sounds make it more difficult.

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Chinese tones


Chinese sounds are limited, so they add tones to change the meaning. Learn the 4 different tones, as well as the neutral 5th tone.

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Chinese sounds

Chinese Sounds

Chinese uses many sounds we already have in English. See which sounds are similar and which are new. Learn how to properly pronounce Chinese sounds.

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Learn Simple Chinese Grammar

Simple Grammar

If you can master a few simple grammar structures you are well on your way to being understood in Chinese. Learn a few today.

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Learn Chinese Radicals. Chinese Character for Mother, radical is Women


Did you know you can guess the meaning of a Chinese Character by knowing what the radicals represent? Radicals are individual part(s) of a character.

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Chinese Vocabulary


With over 10,000 most commonly used words, where do you begin? Learn some basic Vocabulary. See what vocabulary is needed to take the HSK Proficieny Tests.

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Learn Simple Chinese Small Talk

Small Talk

Now that you know some grammar and vocabulary, learn some useful phrases to get by with in China, or barter at your local Chinatown.

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Learn Chinese with useful tools

Useful Tools for Learning

Here are a collection of tools you should have to learn chinese.

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Chinese Ministry Podcast

Sample Ministry Podcast

Try our sample Podcast. Listen online, or download the mp3 and PDF. Subscribe for future lessons!

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